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Monthly billing statements are sent to all customers. If your payment is not received by the due date on your bill, your electric service may be disconnected.

Late Payments

Payments made after the due date must be made at our office to avoid your service being disconnected. Interest and penalty fees are charged in accordance with guidelines established by the Virginia Tech Bursar's Office.

In the event of default on or the return of a check for payment of service, the debtor will be subject to pay a penalty fee, to pay interest at the highest rate allowed by law, and to pay for all reasonable administrative costs, collections costs, and attorney’s fees incurred in the collection of funds due the university.

Non-receipt of statement is not a valid defense for non-payment. It is the responsibility of the individual who has incurred the debt to see that the debt is discharged. In the event the debtor is an employee of Virginia Tech, the debtor agrees to have any delinquent amounts taken through payroll deduction as soon as the account is greater than or equal to 90 days delinquent. The customer agrees to assume all liability for payment of charges until such time that the customer notifies the Virginia Tech Electric Service that such service is to be discontinued.

Your account is subject to disconnection when it becomes 2 months past due. If your account has been disconnected for nonpayment, the outstanding balance and a reconnection fee must be paid in full. The reconnection fee is $20 for residential customers. The fee starts at $25 and varies for commercial customers based upon the type of service.



To request a refund for payment(s) or overpayments made to your electric service account, call the office at 540-231-6437. A written request may be required.

Types of refunds

  • Cash/check/e-check/direct debit refund policy: Payments made by cash, check, e-check, or direct debit are refunded by check to the account holder. Refunds are processed and mailed to the account holder and may take four to six weeks for receipt of the refund.
  • Credit card refund policy: Overpayments by credit card are refunded back to the payer’s credit card. 



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